Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for homeowners

Hardwood flooring is a perfect choice when you need a fantastic floor covering. You'll enjoy an extensive lifespan and impressive durability, and good looks. It's ideal for any room for decades of performance. Learning more about these floors is a great idea, giving you more focus as you shop. You'll understand how these materials can perform for you and your household. Take the time now to find out what hardwood can do for you.

Beautiful visual appeal

Wood floors are an excellent decor match, offering extensive customizations. You'll enjoy an upgraded interior design that caters to every need. You can even build a new look around the flooring you choose. Customizing the look you want is a fantastic choice with any floor covering. And hardwood flooring makes it easier than ever before. Consider personalizing these options for the best look: • Board grade and width • Species type • Stain color • Textured finish • Installation layout

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Durability you can stand on for years

Solid wood offers the most extended lifespan, serving you for more than 100 years. Engineered wood flooring gives you up to 30 years of excellent performance. And both reach their lifespan best with a professional installation and proper care. Choosing the suitable species is crucial to your flooring lifespan. Some are harder than others and offer more protection against daily wear. But once wear begins to show, you can refinish the surfaces to bring them back to a like-new finish.

Wood floor acclimation and installation facts

Before your installation service, hardwood flooring must go through the acclimation process. Both solid and engineered wood floors benefit, with protection from damages. The process can take one to three days, depending on humidity levels. The installation time varies depending on your materials and service choices. For instance, site-finished wood gives you extensive stain color options. On the other hand, prefinished materials offer fewer colors but speed up the installation time.
Hardwood flooring in Los Angeles, CA from Kingsly Hardwood

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