Waterproof flooring is perfect for every room

When you need both protection and visual appeal, waterproof flooring is perfect. The benefits of this flooring line span are all your most important requirements. And they can perform for up to 20 years with professional installation and regular care. If you need a floor covering like this, you owe yourself to find out more. You might find benefits you didn't know about for your best results. Also, as an affordable flooring choice, it can save you money over time.

Beautiful looks for every room

Waterproof vinyl flooring gives you visual options that mimic wood, tile, and stone. Each choice gives you the colors and textures they might offer in nature, and you can match any existing decor scheme with ease. Trendy options in natural materials transfer to this product line as well. Be sure to ask about high-variation and whitewashed colors and wide-format options. You'll find you stay current longer with these materials in place.

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Enjoy excellent durability

Waterproof bathroom flooring is one of your best investments. This benefit is significant in this space, where dampness and humidity are common. With these floors in place, you won't have to worry about water damage, even in flood conditions. You'll also enjoy excellent resistance to scratches, stains, and dents. For high-traffic areas, this is an important addition. And with regular maintenance, you'll find waterproof flooring looks newer longer in every room.

A fabulous installation experience

These floors offer an easy installation, often completed in a day or less. But, of course, you'll walk on your waterproof flooring sooner, too. Floating options provide the fastest installation, but other methods are available. When you select your specific materials, we can tell you exactly what to expect. We'll give you details before, during, and after the service for your peace of mind. And when the installation is complete, we'll tell you how to maintain these surfaces best.
Waterproof flooring in Los Angeles, CA from Kingsly Hardwood

Find your waterproof flooring today

Waterproof flooring is our specialty at Kingsly Hardwood. We cater to your requirements with knowledgeable associates and excellent materials. Be sure to share your needs so we can cater to them today.

For Los Angeles, CA, Anaheim, CA, Pasadena, CA, Burbank, CA, and Ontario, CA, our City of Industry, CA showroom is at your disposal. You'll find the best waterproof flooring here. And we're ready to work alongside you for results you love for years to come, so stop by any time.